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Sion Medical Ltd. is a multinational company that owns a number of manufacturing sites around the world. Two of them located in Sderot. These factories employ approximately 200 workers.

Sion is a manufacturer of a wide range of products, including:

Dressing products such as: sterile gauze pads, multi layered bandages, elastic bandages, and more.

Protective products such as three-layer surgical masks (face masks), N95 masks, disposable robes, overalls, Indians and more.

Absorbent products and creams, including Medical Honey products, Vaseline products and creams based on A&D, Lubricant Gel in a variety of configurations, as well as additional products.

A variety of disinfectant products, such as alcohol wipes for hand disinfection and surface disinfection.

One of the company's sites in Israel is a manufacturing site that specializes in the production of sets and kits according to customer requirements.

An example of an intensive care set – The Insertion of a Central Catheter. Other kits include the Dialysis Disconnect Connection Kit, Home Care Kits and many others.